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Well we were warned the buses in South America aren't always the most reliable with timings and today was our first experience of that a nice 1 hour late our bus arrived.

The Chilean people are not what I thought they would be like at all in terms of looks, many look like they are from all different cultures and backgrounds. They seem to be really lovely and helpful, but thank goodness I have Sophie - South America is not a place to come if you don't speak a word of Spanish, as they speak no English. I didn't know what to expect from Chile and although it is fairly underdeveloped to England, it doesn't appear to be that poor. They just need to sort out there electrician wiring like Asia they haven't quite mastered not having over 100 wires sticking out of a pylon in the middle of street and you have to provide your own paper for almost every toilet and you can't flush it in the whole Of South America as they don't have good enough Sewage system so that's pretty rank.

Back to the bus, it was comfy but there was no food break for 8 hours and we wasn't prepared. I brought myself at the station a box of Pringles and Sophie had 1 packet of haribo so we were limited to 1 Pringle and 1 fried egg an hour to keep us ticking over. They played some films on the bus and it was all along the coastline so it was very pretty as the sun beamed down on the ocean. That helped the hunger issues a little.

After 8 hours we were finally in La Serena and it didn't disappoint. A beautiful town blessed with great architecture, cute streets and golden shores. This once peaceful place is now a trendy beach resort. We don't have long here as we are a pretty tight schedule in order to be ready for the Inca Trail in Peru in 2 weeks time but that's what backpacking is about making the most of everyday and every new place and here is no different. The weather is suppose to be beautiful and hot for today and tomorrow so we will explore the town and make the most of beach.

When we got to the hostel it was in the middle of nowhere but it was cute with an outside fire and the staff were really friendly. We took a stroll into town, most the town was closed up as Chile was playing in the cope America, they won 5-0. The town was going crazy and people were sitting inside shops - there was a group of like 8 guys in a shoe shop just like Clarks watching the football and one of them had a mic and was doing their own commentating, it was really funny.

We managed to find a nice bar and had a beer called 'Becker' a pleasant light lager.

The following morning check-out was at 11 and we did our usual of getting out about half 11 and even then after checking out, Sophie used their shower. We went for a walk to the mall and then down to the seafront there was a real heavy fog and you really couldn't see very far. We sat in a cafe on the seafront and about an hour later the mist had lifted and now it was a glorious hot day. Surfers were in the sea and people going running along the promenade, it had a real Miami feel to it. There are so many stray dogs in Chile it's actually unbelievable and they seem

To walk with you for hours, so harmless but some 4 dogs can be with you for a couple of hours, just walking as if we are their owners. We walked along the sea for hours in fact that day we walked 18km all around! But it was beautiful and treated ourselves to a cheeky corona!

That evening we headed back to the hostel, as we did we noticed the presence of loads of police and I turned to see the Paraguay team leave the stadium we waved and they waved back. I was literally so starstruck even though I don't know any of them - I took like 10 photos of the bus in excitement.

Once back at the hostel, we made ourselves some pasta as we had an overnight bus. At the hostel we met some guys Jonathan from Ireland, Sheffield and Brisbane - we had a really good laugh until it was time to get the bus at midnight.

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