Shearwin's in Europe 2015 travel blog

Granite coastline early morning before departure

Our accommodation Le Logis Du Stang on city outskirts

Kaye straddles the L'Odet River in Quimper

Quimper old town wall and Cathedral St-Corentin

Quimper style building and Cathedral St- Corentin

French music festival and cuban dancing in action

45th Weddings Anniversary today.

We rose early to make the most of the opportunity of the late 1200hrs checkout from our hotel

I initially walked the granite track for photo's while Kaye dressed. After, when Kaye had dressed, we stopped briefly in the main shopping area of Ploumanac'h for coffee and pastries before walking the same route we took yesterday photographing the rocks. The morning was sunny and the sea bright and blue. The sun from the east presented a very different impressions of the rocky outcrops than yesterday afternoon.

We returned to the hotel by 1100hrs for me to shower, pack and to Skype Scarlett and Nik before departing the Hotel at 1200hrs.

We drove to Quimper (162km) via Morlaix, an indirect route decided by GeePS. We stopped briefly at a Tabac for a rose; the fact I missed the Brasserie down the road did not go well with Kaye. We made a subsequent brief stop for a sandwich at a Patisserie which was served to us by two very sweet ladies.

We arrived at our accommodation in Quimper at 1500hrs after struggling to fill the car from an after hours self service station. Our host, Annie of Le Logis Du Stang , Chambres d' Hotel briefed us before we settled our bags and drove into the city. On the way, I failed to find one of the petrol stations advised to me, however, found the second closer to the city.

We lucked into a car park near the centre of town which was fast filling with people gathering for the music festival that is held all over France on the one weekend - we recall the same festival when we were last in Paris for the month in 2013. We walked the old part of the city noting the heritage buildings that identify the city's origins. Many were similar to those we have seen before but their preservation makes each of the cities and towns unique.

We continued to wander observing the different bands and their styles of music. A group dancing to Cuban music had everyone's attention as their fluent style was quite sensual.

We were at logger heads as to dinner but settled on Crepes for the first time in a long time. We had four crepes, including a sweet crepe between us plus a wine. It was quite a pleasant occasion although nothing to rave about for an anniversary dinner; as a consequence, we dedicated last nights delightful dining experience in Ploumanac'h to our anniversary.

After dinner we drove back to our accommodation arriving back at 2000hrs for an early night - we both agreed that the day was more tiring than exciting.

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