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Feeling refreshed, we headed to the main square for a walking tour of the town called 'tour for tips'. It is a free tour and the guides for so lovely and spoke good English. We met a couple of English girls, Alex and Amelia who had been travelling South America for 6 months, an Irish girl who had just arrived and was doing 3 months Solo and an awesome Swedish guy Lars who had planned to make a boat in California with his friend for a year and sail to Brisbane but he ran out of money in Mexico so they had to sell the boat and come to South America. The walking tour was very interesting with fantastic views of the town. Wandering up and down the winding hills of Valparaiso, there is colourful public art everywhere and a vibrant bohemian feel. Listening to history is not a strong point of mine but I did try and my best and really enjoyed taking in a beautiful city, riding the cities tram and one of the 15 funiculars the city has up the hills and gossiping with the other backpackers. There is a famous artist who comes and does large Murals throughout the city called Inti - his work is really very clever and did an amazing painting of a man spitting out a lizard. We also visited a little Chilean man who had made us a lovely cookie thing, which Chile is famous for they are made from 2 cookies stuck together with toffee, in which I told every one was made from Boiling Condensated milk .. Not one person thought to correct me not even Sophie and it was only later I realised my mistake and felt like a numpty, the whole cookie is then dipped in chocolate - Whoops. We also had a traditional Empanadas, a hearty baked casserole in pastry shell basically a Cornish pasty. Yum


After the walking tour we had our own little mooch of the city, popped into a few shops and I got some gloves although the it is very warm in the day it's very cold at night!

That evening we went for dinner at a place called Vie Vie. It was high up on a hill so could see the sea as well as the awesome Muriel's as I said, in which the girls cracked up as that's Hannah's nan name but they knew what I meant I could see awesome Murals as I was corrected. I had the local fish with chips and a Pisco Sour - it was really yummy. We had dinner with the people we met on the walking tour, it was really nice hearing all there backpackering stories and they had already done the places we are going so gave us some great tips.

As Copa America is being held in Chile we decided after dinner to go see a game, Venezuela vs Peru the tickets were only £12. The atmosphere was great and we were at the Peruvian side which was amazing as final score was 1-0 to Peru.

We also learnt a chant -

"o lay o lay o lay o lay Per - ru, Per - ru" and then repeat.

It's fairly easy if you get the tune right

I loved it so much so I got myself a scarf as did Hannah and Sophie got a hat! After the footy, we went to a Chiliean Bar with local music and drink, it was packed for a Thursday night but everyone is very welcoming. We had a great evening and around 2 we headed to bed as we have a 8 hour journey to 'La Serena' tomorrow.

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