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The following morning we got up for breakfast and we were knackered we had to check-out before 11am, at which time Sophie and I had fallen back asleep and Hannah was in the shower. The maid wasn't that bothered though she just came and basically swept around us.

We eventually managed to drag ourselves out of the room and onto the sofas in the common area where we saw Daniel from Miami. Such a lovely guy came to see the Copa America Game by himself, we said our goodbyes and we were on our way to Valpariso.

The bus was funny, we met a boy from Colombia, he was just so excited to be chatting to us! We gave him an English Pound and he was so chuffed saying my friends are never gonna believe this. He was trying to be all cool and then said he loved one direction and gave us a little sing-song. Great taste if I may say so but he's no Harry styles! I slept most of the way.

When we arrived he wanted us to meet his mum, which we did and we all had a photo. (How many peoples walls im hanging on around the world I do not know from the Taj Mahal to Great Wall and now Chile).

After 2 hours we arrived in Valparaiso, it was the leading port to California for the Gold Rush in South America until 1906 when a large earthquake hit and the Panama Canal opened in 1914. Now it is a nice port for fruit exports and fish and in 2003 was vote the cultural capital turning it in a World Heritage City.

When we arrived in Valpariso, we went to our hostel, Luna Sunrise. It was really cute and run by a couple of Dutch girls who told us lots about the town. By now it was dinner time and we headed to a Chiliean restaurant where I had Lamb in a weird sauce and garlic potatoes it was pretty yum to be fair. After dinner, we took a walk down the city streets but as we were very tired and had a full day tomorrow, we headed back to the hostel to plan lots of exciting things for the next few weeks.

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