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The Cabot Trail

Construction on the Hill

Selfy Takers

Classic Spot on the Trail

McKenzie River Valley

McKenzie River Valley Pan

Pleasant Bay

Crossing MacIntosh Brook

MacIntosh Waterfall

Back over the Brook

Heading Back


Inland Scenery

Camping vs. RVing



The forecast was for rain all day today. But the front moved quickly overnight and by noon we began to see the sun. So we decided to drive the Cabot Trail in the afternoon.

Following my own recommendation from two years ago, we decided to drive the 35 km section of the trail between Cheticamp and Pleasant Bay and back. The day wasn’t perfect with some haze at a distance, it was still a nice day for the drive.

The drive is indeed a beautiful one. We made several stops along the way at indicated vista points to enjoy the view and take some photos. The road was good with only one very short construction site that provided almost no delay. Our route took us over French Mountain and MacKenzie Mountain before descending to Pleasant Bay.

We drove a short distance past the harbor in order to do a short hike along MacIntosh Brook to a waterfall. It wasn’t a remarkable waterfall, but the previous night’s rain did produce a significant flow over the falls. The creek itself was a nice bubbly stream and we stayed close to it throughout our short walk.

We stopped for dinner at the Rusty Anchor in Pleasant Bay before retracing our drive over the mountains back to Cheticamp. We drove into Cheticamp to our favorite wifi spot at the town arena to download some emails and make a phone call on Viber.

When we got back to the Phaeton we had a new neighbor that dramatically illustrated the difference between camping and RVing.

As an aside, yesterday I received an email from Tiffin Service giving me the OK to cut a seam in the fabric in our broken chair. David Burke and his friend John had helped as I tried to find a method to lower the erect leg. John had succeeded in removing the nut from a bolt that had to come out, but the fabric prevented removal of the bolt. Cutting the seam enabled me to fold the material back sufficiently to remove the bolt and some jiggling and juggling eventually allowed me to lower the leg. So the chair no longer presents a hazard and we can wait indefinitely to effect a complete repair. Thank you John and David!

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