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Saint Lunare

Dinard looking West

The walkway west of Dinard; houses perched on the coastline

Kaye walks the coastline at Dinard

Saint Malo from Dinard

Another late start to the day but we are not concerned as we achieved a lot yesterday and felt we could do the same today.

We departed the hotel at 1115hrs, for a coffee and pastry after which Kaye had her fringe cut. We then drove to Saint Lunaire, 16 km west of Saint Malo to view this seaside village, reputed to be the resort location for French actors living in Paris. The village was of a good size but was very quiet and many of the homes were still closed from the winter months. We walked the promenade and side streets to the Pointe du Décolle noting the many large and attractive homes. The coast line was of solid granite and its rugged appearance made it very attractive. It also provided a good foundation for the many homes perched along the cliff top. The views to the sea were also spectacular and Saint Malo and Dinard were clearly distinguished as were a host of smaller islands and rocky outcrops. There was a wide variety of activity on the water including sailing courses for juniors.

Several restaurants were perched on the Pointe du Décolle; a finger spur of granite with brilliant views of the coast in both directions. We had not planned on lunch however we selected a salad, to share, and over a number of Rose's sat in the sun and admired the view. We were not alone, as it appears a popular spot to those who know of it

We returned to the car which was some distance away; its location concealed to us for a short time ( we had way laid it). We then drove the 6 km to Dinard, the larger seaside town of greater profile and set about to explore its beaches. We started in the high profile central area of the bay, Plage de l'Ecluse, and walked west along the well developed walking trails Promenade Pablo Picasso and Chemin de Ronde de la Malouine. The track was relatively flat and well developed. The views were equally impressive as those from St Lunaire. The stately homes were also more numerous and some were built on foundations over hanging the cliff tops suggesting a very heavy price tag for those who did the initial construction.

We completed our walk to the east of the town along the Promenade Allies, returning via the attractive central shopping area to a restaurant on the Plage de l'Ecluse for a wine break.

Both towns impressed us and while there appeared nice restaurants for dinner ( only a few with a Seaview) we decided to return to Saint Malo for dinner.

We had a a short break before walking via our promenade to an Italian restaurant near the fort; there was a view of the incoming tide but it was screened by the sea wall. Our dinner of pizza's were nice but nothing to rave about and the heaviest of red wines we could buy was okay ( we are losing our enthusiasm for the light red rose type wines with dinner).

Our return walk was in cooler, breezier conditions and having booked for our final dinner tomorrow night in a hotel recommended restaurant heavily occupied at the time, we returned to our room at 2130hrs - tired!

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