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Our RV Campsite

The Gorge

The Dam

The Bridge

Our RV camp site is awesome considering we have no sewer connection. It’s like our own private park. See the pic.

Today we enjoyed the visitor center at the New River Gorge Bridge and took a detour to see the dam that forms the Summersville Reservoir. The bridge is the second highest bridge in the US and the longest single-arch-span in the Western Hemisphere. Made from special steel, it never needs painting. The top layer of rust forms a protective coating that seals it from the elements: great sales pitch if you ask me.

There were several camps and mines along the New River until the coal deposits were depleted and diesel became the fuel of choice. Thurmond was one of the old coal mining camps but people still live there so we decided to make our way to it.

We took an off-beat small road several miles to Thurmond. The road in got narrower as we got closer to the river – lots of single-lane bridges and low trees. If we were ever on a West Virginia back road, this was it. A safe speed was 20 to 25 MPH – 15 in some stretches.

There was not much to see there in the way of old building or mine works at Thurmond. But it was interesting just the same. Many of the cabins appeared now to be summer homes these days. Spots long the river are now launching sites for river raft tours.

There are lots of ads on the radio in this area suggesting that the coal-mining oriented culture make some political noise supporting the use of coal. Ol’ Barry O. is not popular in these parts due to his war on coal – didn’t see one BO bumper sticker here.

All in all it was a very interesting day. We found another hole in the wall in which to eat. You don’t find a winner every time…

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