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We made it to the Farm in Kona. It was a bit scary the first night as we got here pretty late and it was pretty dark (the farm and cabin are solar powered), heard about the Rats and found some bugs. Tyler and I were maybe a little concerned about what we'd gotten ourselves into. The last couple days have been much better though. We've spent some time down on the beaches, got a ride to the store and decided to take a walk from the store to see how far it was to civilization (after our two hour walk home we decided that maybe we should buy a car). We've really only had one full day of work here so far picking and processing coffee beans. Pretty neat experience. We've been eating lots of organic pineapple, guava, avacado and banannas.. oh yeah and KONA coffeeeeee!. Mosquitoes love me right now and its making me crazy but Kaia (Melanie and Colehour's 5 year old daughter) tells me its because I'm new blood but they should be borred of me soon. Woke up to some RATS this morning. We set traps last night and apparently we were successful. Just another bit of culture shock but not to worry (MOM's) we're being really careful with our food and water and our bedroom is downstairs and away from them. All is going really well and we're settling in. I miss my desk job and clean clothes (well.. not really but the clothes part is true). Dont know if that all makes sense but I'm being rushed off to play "Fairy's".


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