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Street fair in Springville, fair food, O'boy.

Metal art.

Went to Pioneer village.

Not open.

The Y on the mountain above BYU campus.

The road through the beatiful mountains to Sundance.

With waterfalls.

Going up.

Being cool on the ride.

Ya! Cool, that's it.

View from the ride.

Trail bike rider going down. can you see him.

Going farther.

Transfer station to the next lift. Jay and Larry on the seat.

Provo and Utah Lake from the top. (South).

Tourist at the top.

Deer Creek Reservoir and Heber City from the top. (North).

Stream through Sundance.

Provo is set in a Valley surrounded by large green mountains. It a beautiful city.

We started the day by stopping at a art and crafts fair in Springdale (suburb of Provo). We walked around and checked out the items for sale and eventually found some street food to snack on.

We took a drive through Provo to visit Sundance. Most of the day was spent at Sundance Mountain Resort. The drive there is gorgeous. The road to Sundance is a winding hill climbing drive.

The Resort has restaurants, convention center, screening rooms, creeks and waterfalls. It's definitely a tourist area.

We decided we would take the ski lift up the mountain. Larry opted to go to the very top. You take one lift up and then have to transfer to another to get to the top. There are zip lines all over. The lift makes several stops for bikers and zip line riders to get off. The bikers have their bikes attached to the lift with them and they ride them down. The view from the top (8200 ft) was well worth it. It was very windy. The kids joked that we were up as high as the glaciers on the mountains near us.

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