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Hanok Breakfast

Hanok Breakfast

Pascal's Sister

A variety of Mandu (dumplings)

Pascal and friend

Good-byes at the Hanok

Invited to sushi - Jeju City

Even airport food is excellent - Busan

Cakes at the State Department Store (Ulaanbaator)

Welcomed to UB by ladies from Lake Baikal (Russia)

A final meal in Ulaanbaator - Shashlik

I did have one major regret during this trip.

Yes, I understand that entering North Korea is not on everyone's bucket list.

But I've experienced several dmz's in my travels and there's a certain thrill to them - walking through Cyprus' Green Zone; motoring through the Lachin Corridor into Ngorna-Karabakh.

But MERS resulted in a closure of the DNZ to visitors. Maybe next time.

I've finally managed to load photos. Maybe one day I'll figure out how to accomplish that without traveling with a laptop.

This was a bit shorter and easier trip than I'm used to. I'm actually back in the states without feeling worn down. And, as soon as I don't wake up at 3 in the morning I'm sure things will return to normal. Whatever that is.

Tomorrow I head up to the cabin and begin the process of trying to protect the place against wildfire. Lots of work ahead this summer

I'll leave you with a few pictures of food and friends encountered along the way. I enjoyed the Korean ethos a lot and met a wide variety of amusing people along the way.

Good travels,

The Geezer

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