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Chilling outstretched after being stuck in plane seat for nearly 9 hours

a little luxury in the bathroom

Spongebob at Pavilion Shopping Centre

5.15 am and all was not well!!!! Two very tired and stiff ladies attempted to unfold ourselves from our plane seats after a sumptuous breakfast of powdered egg omelette (which return to haunt travellers 6- 12 hours later with outbreaks of wind) chicken sausage, hash browns and tomato along with the usual croissant, fresh fruit salad, yoghurt and what we were assured was tea!!!! Not sure on that last one though folks. Joined the usual cattle stampede to get off the plane and made our way by airport train to immigration to donate a set of fingerprints for their biometric recordings and then collecting our bags and buying a ticket on the airport train into KL Central.

20 minutes later had us arriving a Central and hailing a taxi to J.W. Marriott hotel, with the clock still not ticking over 7 am. John Haynes would have been proud. We fully expected not to be able to have our rooom until near lunchtime but we both heaved a giant sigh of relief when told our room was ready. Full of bright ideas of having a beautiful hot shower, we both laid our weary bodies on the beds and next thing you know it was 11 am. Found a nice note under our door to say that Miss Megan Haynes had booked in and was staying in a room on the 19th floor.

Spoke with an equally sleepy Eloise and arranged to call up to see them to discuss plans for the day. They decided to chill out by the pool to recover from their flight (poor buggers in Business Class)and Teena and I returned to our room where we talked about what she would like to have a look at in KL. then she promptly lay on the bed and drifted off again!!!! Piker!!!! Left her a note and headed over to the wonderful Debenhams department store just behind the hotel. How convenient. Fell in love with their clothes in Abu Dhabi last year and was determined to look for more for my now bit smaller body. It was like a kid in the veritable candy store but I

was very restrained until I worked out the conversion rate and compared prices. Time to shop later.

Back to the hotel to Miss Teena who woke up with a start on my arrival. Spoke with the girls again and arranged to meet for dinner at 5.30 and head just over the road to the Pavilion shopping mall and a meal at Johnny Rockets hamburger restaurant. Being the monsoon and wet season, it was not surprising to find it thundering, lightning and pouring with rain around 5.15 and still doing so when we headed out for dinner. Funny to watch both Vanessa and Teena running straight to the Dior shop once they spotted it. We all managed to find something suitable for our dietary requirements which we enjoyed immensely. Feeling full and satisfied we took a photo of Teena with Spongebob to show her grandies and of the Spongebob display in the centre.

Vanessa and Eloise then offered to make their way over to Petronis Towers to purchase tickets to go up the towers on either Saturday or Sunday while Megzy, Teena and myself wandered back across to Debenhams for another look. Couldnt help myself this time after Meg shared the knowledge that she brought a big suitcase for the weekend with the view to taking my purchases back home for me. Isnt that thoughtful so I definitely have to take advantage of that. 8 items of clothing later I was one chuffed little duck. Meg was also rapt that a size 16 dress fitted her perfectly but alas it is a summer one and it is difficult to say what size she will be when summer arrives.

At this point Teena departed and made her way back to the hotel, Meg went off to join Van essa and Eloise so I headed up to the Bukit Bintang shopping centre area in the hope of finding the little craft store I visited 10 years ago when I was here with friend Karen. It has moved shopping centres to the Sungei Wang centre just behind where it used to be but unfortunately they no longer concentrate on cross stitches like those we bought there last time. Have details of a couple of other stores nearby I will look up if I get time. Wander around the shopping plaza a little longer before deciding to call it quits for the night and head back to hotel for some much needed sleep.

By now temperature back up in the 30s after our rainstorm and gruellingly hot and humid. Better get used to it again for the next 2 and a bit weeks I guess.

Not too adventurous for our first day but I am sure tomorrow we will hit the pavements running - unless it is too damned hot again!

Goodnight all.

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