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Ice dragon

Ice ice, baby


Extremely nice,nice, baby



Big fall spray



Gulfoss falls

We make it full circle. On the way to Reykyavik, we get to see the spectacular Gulfoss Falls, and the geyser which politely showed its intermittent self while we were driving by.

We also see the National Park where Parliament had been held since 900 AD til about 1500 until it moved downtown. There also is where two tectonic plates come together. No wonder they get some volcanic excitement from time to time.

We did a drive by on Blue Lagoon, which has fantastic light milky blue. Funny that both the bathing lagoons

we saw are run offs of GeoThermo plants. Homer Simpson comes to mind? Jolly good, though.

The geo thermal riches of Iceland are amazing. They pump hot water under the streets to keep the city warm. About 90% of the houses in Iceland are heated by geothermal power. No wonder they can afford to live here! Water comes in at 80C, so that's plenty for hot water and for heating. The hot water is a bit sulphury, but the cold water gets my vote for best on the planet. Cold, pure, sweet, glacier stuff. I bet they don't add anything either.

We are on the first inaugural flight on Iceland direct to Portland. SHe is a beauty, this 757 has an aurora paint job and...the cabin lights are auroras as well! I think this means we need to come back when its dark here.

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