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the hooch in vinland




hiking up to three waterfalls, hardly any company with us

Hiking up to see three waterfalls, some mud, some rain, searching for the Loch Ness type denizen of the lake at eglistaddir which has been spotted since the 1500s. Last Youtube video makes it look like an oarfish. Who knows. Negative sightings.

Some 17 degree grades up and down and these kind of blind hills where you get to the crest and aren't quite sure what the road does on the other side. Most of the time it just keeps going straight. Down.

The vistas keep changing. We got a few snowflurries as we took a short cut on 18 km of unpaved roads with the econobox. It wasn't too bad.

Headed out to the beach on the way to a town called Hofn which of course made us think of the Hoffines. Home soon! If you are wondering why it says Vik not Hofn, this website thinks Hofn is on the west side of Iceland, which it is not, which is pesky. We did stop in Vik and almost got sak a viking hat.

From the place we are staying, we can see four glaciers around the bay, which is quite something.

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