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Dettifoss falls. Prometheus. Ice blast. That is color for iceland


Geothermal mudpool w qing

120 to 1,see what i mean?

We headed out to dettifoss falls because the thermal baths werent open yet for summer hours...this is after searching high and low for typical lack of Ice signage...and any sign shown are hopelessly mired with extra letters looking like squatty d's,crammed ae's, and other non identifiables rendering them much too syllabic, consonantic and otherwise illegible.

This sent us off plan to the falls which are actually on the way to next destination. Not according to Hoyle. Be that as it may. We blast off for an hour to the falls. Upon arrival past snow and lava flats and mounds, I am expecting a kind of chevy chase moment where one merely walks out of the parking lot and peers over the side at the spectacle and turn back to vehicle. All you who think this will happen, take one step forward. jlay, not so fast. It is about 4 C in the parking lot, blowing about 15-20.

Most of you know I like to have the right gear for the climate. Here is where dad's new shoes and all the teva shoes and the exofficio jacket (i have been carrying two months that rolls into a neck pillow on big sale at STP) make their money. Snow and slush and mud all around and I miss the memo which says 600 meters up and down in this stuff. Trudging over snowy/slushy hill, dale, and mogul, we finally arrive at the Prometheus falls ( have never seen it) greeted by an subzero face blast of ice crystals, making picture taking a bit of a challenge. Girls took one look and dashed back out of the jetwash.

Some pictures included.

backtracked to lake myvatn nature bath, much less crowded than famous blue lagoon.

its about 8c out, blowing 20ish but the water is a milky blue and a balmy 25C, although occassionally getting hotter (eek), just lovely and not too sulphury. Could have stayed in a good while ...quite chilly to get out...but the call of the road to next.

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