it's off to Central America travel blog

With a early start this morning leaving the hotel by taxi for the airport at 5:30 my flight leaves for DFW at 8:00 this a 5:00 hour flight. Get to airport check one bag through security and find my gate now is some time for a coffee and muffin, got a bottle of water for the flight, then find out there is a another security check before we can get on the plane so had to throw out the water darn, got on the plane got a exit row so lots of leg room, great. Settle back for the long trip we even had a small breakfast wow, Got to DFW off the plane to passport control it is now all automated just put your passport in take your picture answer a few questions and get a printed paper to take to customs. Picked up my bag from the claim area through customs gave agent the paper and on through dropped off my bag to recheck station then off to the long security line to get back to the gate area. I now have more time to kill waiting for my flight to DRO so it a stop for some lunch and a expensive beer, turned on my phone and made a few calls. back on home soil after being gone for almost 2 months, LOL. Got my flight on to DRO this a shorter one only about two hours left on time and got to Durago a little early off the plane got my checked bag, picked up by Bernie and headed home. Was real nice being in my own bed. Will be a few more pictures and a closing entry to yet another great adventure.

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