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There I was minding my own business heading out of Reykjavik, and up pops this tunnel...with a 7% grade? And a kind of corkscrew descent under a bay...wow. I am quite certain we have not been on a grade like that in tunnel. After a similar climb out of same tunnel, we emerge to enjoy volcanic lava everywhere, scrubby grass, horses, rain, horses, snow, lava, more snow, fjords, a few sheep, a few more horses. We are heading north to the top of the island with more rugged peaks, snow covered, ice and snow fields. Oh yes, it's cold, averaging about 8C, except for the tunnel which was 12 C. Hot.

Well, that was enough, but several hours later, here comes a tunnel, first of a series of four and as soon as I get in there, I get that sinking feeling I am in the wrong place going the wrong. Yep, this is a two-way, ONE LANE tunnel. Oh, this ain't right. But hopelessly committed, no room for U turns here. driving along in the Twilight Zone, zebra striped sign posts seemed suspended vertically in mid-air. And sure enough the light at the end of the tunnel isn't an oncoming train, but it sure is a car. After a few white knuckle moments and fortunately before I can identify the driver, they slip into a cutout like a man space in a subway tunnel and wait for me to squeeze by. I mean, who's bright Coast Guard idea was that? and could you really tell this from the odd looking language outside the tunnel? I am just saying that was a little uncomfortable, that's all.

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