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Busy outskirts of La Paz, taken from my bus.

Nice road, awesome and monotonous landscape for 2 1/2 hours.

Heated train and bathrooms for 8 1/2 hour trip to Uyuni, arriving...

Flocks of pink Flamingos seen from the train on the way to...

Heards of llamas seen from the train.

Depressing looking mud brick villages straddling the train tracks.

La Jardine Hotel in Uyuni

Made my way from La Paz to Uyuni yesterday included 2 1/2 hour bus ride and 8 1/2 hour non stop train ride. Scenery was amazing and monotonous. From the near desert plains to seeing flocks of pink flamingos and heards of llamas, passing many nearly deserted mud brick, small towns stradeling the train tracks.

My hotel, La Jardine (probably the nicest hotel in town at $60 US) is very nice but not very warm. Still slept good under comforter, alpaca blanket and my coat, wool scarf and sweatshirt. Didn't notice until this morning that there was an electric heater attached to the bed. Had a nice evening watching the last episode of Survivor with Hulu. Now I'm ready for an amzing tour of the famous Bolivian Salt Flats. Temperatre for next 2 days H 57, L 27!! Traveling light with just my day backpack.

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