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city bus tour


want a job cleaning there windows? LOL

first town of Panama City







new Panama City



ruins of the first town



























lunch at Cubian resturant

wow having a beer LOL

This is my last day in Panama City so was out for some breakfast then on the hop on hop off bus for the city tour route, this route goes to the first city of Panama, Panama Viejo founded in 1519 then in 1671 fell to the pirate Henry Morgan most of the city was destroyed, the city then moved to Casco Viejo which is now called old town. The ruins were left some what intact until is was declared a protected site in 1976, and in 1997 becoming a Unesco site, was a nice day just wondering around the ruins were not a lot of people there so was able to explore it before getting back to the bus stop and back to the main part of town. Back in the new city a stop for lunch at a Cuban restaurant and you guess it a beer. LOL then back to the hotel and pack my bags getting ready to head home. It has been a great trip traveling all the way from Cancun, Mexico to Panama City, Panama by land and boat been on the road 54 days and travel through 8 counties 5 of which I had never been too. Now it is time to work on my next trip plans LOL HAPPY TRAVELS

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