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As the used to say on Monty Python, and now for something completely different...

at least for us...our final stop on the way home. This one is in the While You Are Up category and in protest of all further flights in excess of...8 hours, which are entirely overrated as far as we are concerned, and should just be treated as emergency procedures. So did you know it can be much cheaper to fly through Iceland either to or from Europe? Especially if you plan ahead ...which I may not have done the best of? At any rate, I suspect heavy government subsidy in order to garner tourist dollars from the European gravy train. As Iceland is handsomely expensive to exorbitant, I have to say I am glad SIngapore has virtually inured me to traveller sticker shock...or perhaps it might be vice versa?

Another inauspicious beginning, similar to my mini crisis in Perth, my car reservation was not retrievable from my email. Even with connectivity. This was a disaster I will not hear the end of, of course thinking, I am pretty sure I made that rez...but where is it. I make a panic rez on the spot on expedia, for x dollars more, but I continue to all the remote rental agencies to see if they know who I am...and finally Thrifty admits to it, but why is it still not in my email?? Another traveling mystery as yet unsolved. So I finally take the substandard ...but only reasonable ...ford focus wagon, roll the dice against the insurance but knuckle under for the gps. Again, I don't want to buy it, I just want to borrow it and I don't trust my sim card enough to go without one. Thus far, the gps has paid for itself in aggravation saved and hopefully we won't need the insurance. I mean, how much more can I actually spend here. Wait, don't answer that.

We do have an adorable apartment, Iceland Ike style called Old Charm Apartment and it certainly has it. Old money, cause you need it to stay there...haa! Our landlord tipped us off to the bargain food store and steered us there just a hair before it closed. The restaurant Vergamot was a bit dear, but pretty good. The women look like Bjork, alright. Either blonde hair or black.

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