it's off to Central America travel blog

a walk in Fortuna






on the road to the falls

can see the bottom of the volcano almost LOL

























almost to the falls

at the top of the falls



the stairs going down


at the bottom








a bit cool



now I am heading back up

made it now almost back to town

ant trail

about 4 inches wide leaf cutter ants


not sure were the other shoe is LOL

the volcano



I start the day off with a nice cup of coffee while doing some computer stuff a nice relaxing start to the day, then it is off for a some pastry's and a yogurt before heading out for a 5km hike to the water falls part of the way up a long hill, a bit of rain along the way making for a very humid hike, got to the entry of the falls nice picture, there is a stairway leading down to the river below, I change into my swimsuit and head down wow a lot of steps and I will have to climb back up those same steps to get back to the top (and the is no elevator in sight) LOL. So off I go down, down and down getting to the bottom great shot of the water falls, Into the water is cool and refreshing nice way to cool off. I spend about a hour there before heading back to the top wow what a climb, and guess what after reaching the top it called for a nice cold beer to celebrate making it back to the top. Change out of my swimsuit and headed back down the road saw a car leaving the parking stuck out my thumb and got a ride down the to the main road so only had to walk 1km back to town great. When I got into town stopped for a nice lunch of BBQ ribs and a couple more cold beers, headed back to the hotel just before the heavy rain came again, The rainy season has now started so ay have rain every day for the rest of the trip, but only have one week of travel left, tomorrow we head to our final place of this trip San Jose. Then I will again be traveling solo on to Panama. A bit of time at the hotel working on my blog watching the rain come down, then out for some dinner and back to hotel and bed calling it another good day.

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