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It's Saturday and we are on the long haul to Giardini Naxos.

You'll be pleased to know Phillip bailed at the last minute and didn't go off with the young boy. I'm pleased because it was ill advised. Instead he went to a party!! Has a champagne headache. Apparently got invited to the hotel owners party with some fashion magazine people. They'd love having a little queen there and he'd love being there. So happy endings all round!

Our morning went without incident however colleens backpack went missing for about 30 minutes. It ended up being under the bus in the luggage compartment. But for that time she must have felt sick as of course it had all her important things in it. As she's 75 it's not surprising that she gave it to the porters but we always take the very very important things with us.

A non eventful trip in the bus playing games if translating Italian into English. I'm doing ok. I gave a bit of a head for languages so mostly I am right with translation and spelling. Some I had no idea.

We are moving from the basilicata region into Calabria. Soon we will be in mafia country.

We've heard the complaints about the last nights meal. I think they should drink more wine and chill out. First world problems.

Italians seem to have a different concept of time. Emanualla said we would stop in an hour and a half when really it was about three hours. Phillip ended up with kidney pains cos he was busting for so long.

I had a bit of trouble ordering the coffee. The problem wasn't between me and the man. It was between the man and the person making coffee. I ended up with a cup half full of cold milk. Kevin eventually got a latte. I think he should just do the ordering in future.

Eventually we made it to Giardini Naxos.

We pulled up to a 5 star motel. The rooms are lovely. It has 3 pools, a golf course, gyms, spas etc etc. After checking everything out in the motel surrounds we walked down to the town which is very long and thin having grown around the coast. The shopping precinct is sort of two streets deep so we walked up one way and down the other. We found the supermarket but it was useless. By then I'd made up my mind I was eating at the motel as the menu sounded divine and I'd seen the white table cloths and other finery and thought I'd treat myself to something good. Kevin was still looking at all of the prices at the pizza places so I said happy to eat on my own. They decided to eat with me. We started with ad rink at the bar and were joined by Carmel and Angelo. Angelo was born in this town and has family here. They then joined us for dinner. Omg! It was like faulty towers. There were two waiters.... The guy who'd already given Kevin red wine instead of white wine who was tall and thin with weird hair and no eyebrows who looked like basil faulty and a little dark guy who kept running around saying Si Si. Like Manuel.

So even Angelo couldn't understand the menu and his asking didn't clarify anything. We had no idea what was coming and we were even more surprised when Kevin and I got two different things when we had ordered the same thing. Kevin got thin slices of beef rolled up, slightly breaded and cooked in a tomato sauce. I got a thin slice of been that tasted slightly off. The roast potatoes with sea salt and rosemary were little cold cubes of potato that was so stale that they had shrunk in the middle and were sort of cold... That is to say, some bits were at room temperature and others were warm but most were cold. The cauliflower in clear butter sauce was a green blue colour lying limply on the plate. Seriously it didn't taste of cauli or broccoli. I don't know what it was or meant to be but it was a vegetable so I ate it. It was at room temperature. It rates among the worst food I've eaten in my life. Kevin and I just kept looking at each other. David ordered a sea bass and a whole grilled fish that looked like a trout came out. He said it was beautiful. The waiter (basil) kept putting good in front of me and then the other (looking like Manuel) taking it away. Very funny. It just went on and on. It was like being in a theatre piece with audience participation. Sweets were normal and ok. Nothing flash. So we won't be going there again. The other bit that made it more amusing was that Carmel and Angelo never stopped talking. Two different conversations at the same time but every now and then they would join in the other conversation without pausing for breath. Carmel didn't even stop while she shovelled the food in. She just kept talking. So did he. They are nice people but goodness... They can talk. Even though we haven't done much today I'm very tired and can't wait to sleep. Tomorrow Mt Etna.

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