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KIA what a ride.....sewing machine on wheels!

Our hosts have a really cool house.

Our place is on the left.

This is the front of our apartment. Really clean and has everything.

Our front door. Everything is arranged to look very Dutch.

Even this cool candle holder on the table in the living area....

It wouldn't be complete without these.

We got really fresh eggs for breakfast.

They had all different kind of animals.

Not to mention the vegitable garder.

Just add a main course and you have dinner.

They had an area to enjoy the outside out of the wind....

And wood stacked everywhere.

Our view from the studio is great.

We heard they had rabbits but they are fast, so this is...

We are off to pick up our second rental car. We have 3 nights and a couple of museums to check out.

Travel days are always hectic and we have learned not to plan much site seeing on those days.

This one is no exception. Train delays cause us to miss our car pick up time and we are forced to take the train to Amsterdam to get our KIA (I hesitate to call it a car). As with a lot of problems on this trip after it is over we find it really worked out better. For instance, picking up the car in Amsterdam was closer to our accommodations and we did not have to back track to return it. The thing we did learn is that cars cost a lot more when picked up at an airport. Not sure why but they do. Take a short transit ride to a city location and save enough for a nice dinner.

After the car pick up it was a breeze driving to our lodging. As you will see from the photos it turned out to be a great place. We loved the area and the hosts were super. The apartment was originally built for our hosts mother. It is well equipped with a kitchen, bath, living room, dining area and bedroom. for about $80 per night. We have had good luck with our AirBNB rentals and would recommend checking them our when you travel.

The next two days we use to visit the areas museums. The Kroller-Muller Museum has the largest outdoor sculpture garden in Europe. It is located in the largest National Park in the Netherlands. The only problem could be the weather.

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