it's off to Central America travel blog

first morning in Monteverde



heading to the park




doing a hanging bridge walk here


in the cloud forest
















bridge number 4 wwhere does it end?????



lots of flowers

















another shot of bridge 4 wow there is end lol





the gardens at the park













this morning up for some breakfast at the hotel before heading off to do bridge walk t the Selvatura park, At the hotel the sun is shining but there is a mist in the air but by the time I got to the park it is cloudy and more mist. I head out for the walk not a lot of people there so was able to just slowly walk along the trail it is about 3km round trip, with 8 hanging bridges. I walked almost to the end then turned around and went back to bridge 4 for some better pictures as the mist had cleared a little bit. After completing the walk had some lunch there while waiting for my bus back to the hotel for a bit of down time tried to do some compute work but the system didn't work at the hotel. A walk down to the main part of town and back. A brief meeting at 7:00PM to talk about the next days travel times, then a group taxi to the tree house restaurant for dinner another taxi back up the long hill back to hotel and bed

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