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Briggie took us to a sprawling market in Enschedde, Netherlands in search of fruits, vegetables, fish, and ...shoes for dad who is not prepared for wet weather since I talked him out of bringing his great big hiking boots. Bayoootiful vegetables, smoothies, breads that make you want to move here, and fantastic fruit, all at bargain prices even by US standards. Sak daddy was able to find a proper pair of gortex hiking shoes which didn't cost a bomb, so overall, a very successful trip. And did I mention fish. Bargain salmon from Norway and trevally. And my buddies the herring. Like BUTTAH. Was trying to figure if I could finish a whole bucket of them in one week but of course I am the only shmoe in the household who will eat them. Sigh. I guess 3 at a time will just have to do.

The munster mobile has proven to be a trusty steed. The gps may not be quite as hard wired to one's brain as the bmw, but she goes at low altitude high speed like she is standing still. The funny thing is, the new cars here have this cutout feature where the engine shuts off while you are waiting for the light to change. A wee bit disconcerting feeling like you are continually stalling the car. Word says they have figured out innumerable restarts are not deleterious to parts or systems. Seems counterintuitive. Am thinking right turn on red might suffice instead but perhaps the bike riding schema does not coordinate with that. Undetermined at this time.

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