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our dear Indon servers, Ris and Mohammed, who we miss so much

hurry up and take da pic, Pops! Can't...hold...another...sec....Pisa!

roberto the gondoleer from three days go

During the car rental adventure, Briggie took me to the wonderful farmers' market that has veggies from nearby EU, so mostly German and Dutch offerings. This is a small slice of nirvanah for me with local white asparagus called spargel, cheese and fresh meat of every imagining, and finally, one of my favorites of all time, the fresh herring with chopped onion. These guys are so soft, and oily fishy, but not smelly, and the bones are more like cartilage. I just adore these things, I can't explain any better. Plus the guy will fry them up, or shrimp, or calamari. ahhh. This is livin!

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