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Camping along side the canal by the tulip gardens. The fields around...

Monday, 20th.

Can you believe it the bike stores are closed on Monday!!! Went shopping at the mall and purchased food as well as toaster, oven, coffee maker, hair dryer, & coffee cups. Bill was running the stuff back and forth to the RV and on his last trip said he would meet me at the square for a late lunch. I turned left when I should have turned right and was promptly lost. After about 20 minutes I found myself and met Bill trying to find me. Least of all I scared the s… out of both of us.

For some reason we decided to take the “Long way” out of Amsterdam. After many turns some even warranted we discovered the campground near the tulip fields and they where full!!! We decided to head to the Keukenhof Gardens and hope they had parking for RV’s. When we arrived we discovered that they would be closing in an hour and there was no overnight parking. However; we were directed less than a Km away to a canal where we could park overnight. We pulled to the side of the roadway running along side the canal with about 100 other RV’

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