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Emptying our grey tank. One just opens the valve and let 'er...

Entering a very long tunnel under a canal.

Who needs to drive the Chunnel now!

On the way to the NW Netherlands to walk the dikes.

Sunday 19th.

I must have been sleeping during Geography class those many yrs. ago but nowhere in my memory (I know that doesn’t say much) do I remember Amsterdam being on a bay not the ocean. Check it out. A cannel was built across the land from Amsterdam to the ocean which apparently saved days for ships trying to fight the currents to get out of the Markermeer. Who knew!!

We broke camp and headed back to the bike stores only to find them closed. Umff. (we were told they would be open)

We headed north to walk the dikes, stopping in the quaint town of Markhem, which is situated on the West side of the Markermeer. We ate lunch on the patio of the harbour and toured a wooden shoe shop. The history is interesting!!

Next stop, Den Helder .

We are not looking at a few sand bags here. I would say they are at least 7 stories high, asphalted on the water side and grassed on the higher slopes. A wonderful view of the Atlantic Ocean and the many islands. We hiked the top of the dike to get in our 10,000 steps and watched the ferries travelling back and forth. Met a Bouvier des Flanders and his owner of course. Great dog!!

Returned to Amsterdam, sneaking into the campground just before closing. Lovely grounds, sites separated by greenery. We will return here.

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