it's off to Central America travel blog

the gardens at the hotel




Lake Nicaragua




Volacano Maderas

hauling wood








the roads are paved with bricks

a road stop



to the farm

some art work done with the sun and a magnifying glass




alomond tree








our local guide








Volcano Concepcion

a jay



shrimp cocktail very good











Sharon and Nicle

ark and Carly

Mahala and Lucy




gethering wood


on the grill


BBQ dinner

our fire on the beach


Breakfast at the hotel the we load up a couple van and head off exploring the island, the group divides into a coupe different tours, some do a volcano hike, some to the lake side beach, and a few of us do and island tour, On the island tour we head to a coffee farm where we do a short hike to see the petroglyphs then it is off to join the group at the beach for a swim and lunch. Then back on the van and go to a cool dip in a fresh water natural springs, very nice and refreshing we spend about a hour here and meet the rest of our group and head back to the hotel a stop to pick up some wood to do a fire on the beach and back to the hotel a bit of down time before our BBQ dinner, then big fire on the beach having a few drinks then off to bed

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