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Just me and jack sparrow.. <3

Harry Potter! I'm Emma Watson obviously.

Jim parsons from Big Bang theory. Typical tourist pic.

Mum this ones for you. I knew you'd be jealous.

Hannibal Lecter. Creeped me out!

I was in Grease didn't you know!

Visited the Oval Office.

This was made fromM&Ms in the candy store.

The Dolby theatre. They' we're setting up for American idol finale!

Hi everyone!

Today was HUGE again. I did so much in one day but today was really great all round! I did Hollywood boulevard and if you don't know what that is GO look it up :)

Breakfast was boring, exact same food as yesterday because they don't offer us anything else and I'm dealing with what I was given because it's FREE!

On Hollywood boulevard almost every car is high end luxury car, it's AMAZING. For a while I just couldn't take my eyes off the road because they're such high end cars like BMW, AUDI, FERRARI, MERCEDES, high end jeeps and some other brands of fancy cars that I don't know how to spell.. But it's even better than people watching haha. Anyways, the train station took us straight to where everything was happened. There wasn't many characters out on the street because it's low season for them and when summer comes around there's many more! But the one I did get a phot with was jack sparrow because he looked and sounded so authentic. He was the nicest person!! He was telling us about the scams on the street and said his pics didn't cost anything. We did 3 different poses and it was fun! Later on when we got on the TMZ tour, they even said there was a jack sparrow usually around there and he's the nicest character on the street so go us! I was with Hayley again today! She's pretty cool except for the fact that she's a little bit bland like me! For the people who understand this she's a lot like Courtney but not on the wild side. Like she doesn't really get excited which kinda puts a damper on things. But other than that it's great to have someone to help take pictures, and to sit with at meals and to talk to on the train :)

We then did a Dolby theatre tour!! It was just 30 minutes but it was so amazing. FYI the Dolby theatre was previously called the Kodak theatre but they went bankrupt so Dolby bought it :) it's where they hold the oscars every year and also movie premieres and finales for American Idol ( which they were setting up for while we had the tour- SO cool because when we got to the actual theatre part the back of the stage was open for the loading dock and there was chairs removed for cameras and they were setting up the judges table). They had stills of the oscars so we got a feel for how it looked and how they set up for the oscars!! Did you know they have to shut down the theatre for 4 weeks before the oscars to get it ready. I learned so much on the tour and now all I want to do is watch the Oscars. (FYI oscars is a nickname given to the show but the awards they win are actually called 'academy award of merit')!!

We then walked up and saw the capitol records building. While we were walking we were in the walk of fame (it stretches for kilometres!!) and at first I was a little disappointed because there wasn't many I knew or liked but then u started to find good ones and got some pics! We were going to see the avengers at the Chinese theatre but we ran out of time! We went to this lolly shop that was supposedly the biggest in America which was pretty cool. Also stopped into the La La Land store which was supposed to be the best souvenir shop in LA (was very cool)! That shop had a car on display don't ask me why) which cost $1 million!!!! It was light blue and it had a phone and liquor system in it, it was so cool I want one ;) And also a cute little hello kitty shop right next to the Louis Vuitton store.. So weird. And a HUMONGOUS costume shop just off Hollywood boulevard so I guess that's where all the characters get their costumes hehe. There was also heaps of other stores like a Disney store, h&m, hooters as the further you get from the centre part of Hollywood boulevard, the more leisure/beach wear/but mostly stripper wear shops there were. And some of those types of shops you could tell were for drag queens because they sold wigs, huge shoes and clothing. And heaps of smoke shops with huge shelves and glass cabinets filled with bongs!! Never seen them before... Obviously not illegal...

Next was Madame Tussaud's! It is a must see. SO FRICKEN AMAZING it was the highlight of the day for sure. You walk in and it's so strange because they look so real so it feels like they're staring at you. I was freaked out for a while but then I got used to it by remind myself that they're not real.. Although there was a Hannibal Lecter one and they were playing hissing music and creepy voice talking so it was actually REALLY SCARY so we ran out of that one haha. But they theme each level of the building and they make the whole scenery feel really authentic and fun to be in! And each statue was in a different body position and clothing and background so you could take great photos and feel like you were really there. Some of the photos I took make them look real and Hayley and I were joking about putting one on Facebook and pretending like we met the celebrity to see if people would notice. The statutes were the same heigh and size of the real person so I laughed when I saw Justin Bieber and he was shorted than me!! And then some like organ freeman were so tall and huge. There were so many awesome statues too like all the super heroes, pop stars, old Hollywood famous people and film people. Oh and small thing, I used my selfie stick to take pics but to use it my phone needs to come out of its life proof case (that I bought specifically for this trip so it wouldn't get damaged) and as I was putting it away, it slid out and now the whole front screen of my phone is smashed. I can still put up with it and it's fine but was SUCH bad luck that the one time I've taken it out of its case this whole time, it falls and lands on the screen side and smashed. It was a very sad and angry moment BUT it didn't ruin my day and dad wasn't too mad at me ;)

Last but not least we went on a 2 hour TMZ tour. It was delayed 30mins because the bus broke -.- but we got on a different one! It took us to all the celebrity not spots like restaurants, bars, shops and nightclubs. There was a TV screen so they played little clips of info about the stops but the videos were hilarious because of the way they put them together. They showed us places like celebrities did hit and runs and things which was pretty funny. We didn't see any celebrities unfortunately but it was still really fun to do because the tour guide was a lot of fun. We stopped at a place called Abby's, apparently a nightclub where lots of celebrities go, and they gave everyone free shot. I was very honest and said I wasn't 21 so i was sad for all of 2 minutes because the they gave me a free cookie and Hayley got a free ding dong (still haven't figured out what that actually is.. Apparently they eat them all the time over here as snacks) and no one else got one MWAHAHA. I'd rather a cookie over a drink anytime 𯘏 oh yeah also at that place they had a film crew set up and a makeup station set up and they were filming for the real housewives or something. Was pretty damn cool 𯘌 Dinner was Mexican mmhmmm.

I'm finding it hard buying souvenirs because I hardly have any room in my bag for one, I'm on a budget for two and for Contiki were only allowed one bag weighing under 20kg!! For anyone who hasn't travelled before that may sound like a lot but it isn't. So there's HEAPS I really want to buy but I then find myself not buying anything because I'm so worried about weight and room :(

Up to date I've taken nearly 400 photos so mum and dad can look forward to sitting down for 5 hours to look at them all! Haha. I love all of them though and I wish I could put them all up here but I only am allowed 150 a month :(

I think that's long enough for one day! So goodnight everyone!

Steph xx

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