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see all those houses at the foot of vesuvious? DON'T live there!!

Positano cliffscape

We didn't get much of Naples, the birthplace of pizza, but we did hit the road for Sorrento and Positano. Sorrento is famous for lemoncello and special inlaid wood art. Positano is right at the beginning of the Amalfi coast which is cliffy and quite spectacular. Extremely narrow roads. If we come back here, would like to see that road and a small non-tourist island offshore other than Capri, that's CA' pri, not ca pri' like the pants,called Procida.

We managed to squeeze in some great pizza and pasta with an expansive view above Positano and the attempted our assault on Pompeii. First, Pompeii used to be populated by the Oschi before the Romans came, all about one century beofre Christ. First there was an earthquake but no one told them what happens after an earthquake. When the worker folks were rebuilding from the quake, that's when the two of the one-two punch came. This place is huge, about 60 hectares and about 80% excavated. What I found particularly exciting is that we were familair with the structure of a Roman city from the ones we saw in Israel, the Cardo for the mainstreet, how the hot cold and tepid baths were heated, or not, with the suspended flooring, etc. The amphitheatres and the forums. You could see what buildings were food stores, which really reminded me of hawkers in Singapore with the big barrels for the Chinese soup stalls. Shops could be seen by the grooves in the stone floors made by....sliding doors! Chariot wheel grooves may be seen in the main street. The fountains still work. There is very distinct paint and art left behind. Ovens in bakeries with millstones. Even though this excavation was started in earnest in the 1800s, it still has much to see. My one slight disappointment was that we saw but two casts of bodies that were made by injecting plaster into hollows were detected in the ash. They hardened and made forms of people. Both Sak's and my recollections were that there were many forms to study. Apparently many have been subbed out to museums and the like. This requires more research on my part. Clearly I am remiss but we already crammed 10 pounds of a day into a 5 pound bag. Again. That's enough of these 9 hour touring days for now. Fortunately, the girlies stayed tough throughout but they are looking forward to a little lie in tomorrow as we cross through the straight of Messina.

There is a town nearby called Herculaneum that is 20% excavated. Problem: a city is built over the other 80%.

Our guide for today, Hadriano was as much of a riot as Fabrizio except this guy could sing, too! And another things, he could play the themes from Peer Gynt is it, Mission Impossible, and Take Five by mouth and one wonders where the brass is...next time we need a road built for donkeys driven, I am calling this guy. Good this.

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