it's off to Central America travel blog

Guatemala City


on the bus start of the day




nice tire hope we make it past it before it blows lol










auto clothing stroe


what a watermelon?

on the bus near end of trip lol


load of cattle




we are at the border



money changers

knap time





in Copan , Honduras





first Honduras beer not to bad just may need another one

out for a walk



my travel group





anothher small Honduras beer with dinner



We leave our hotel in Antigua at 8:30 by a nice small AC bus and head to Copan, Honduras got to Guatemala City and got into a Hugh traffic jam for about a hour just moving inches at a time lol that and some road work made a 6 hour bus trip into more like 8 but this is Central America and things just don't work the same, lol. We had about a hour stop for lunch the back on the bus for the ride to the Honduras border taking almost another hour so making it a long travel day, got to our hotel a meeting and walk about the town. A stop to get money from the ATM then out for some dinner and a bottle of fermented water, lol walked back to hotel and bed, calling it a day I am now in My 79th country.

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