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ettu, Qingay?

I can't say I have spelled that correctly. We spent another riotous day with Fabrizio, the inimitable tour guide to the anyone and everyone. There is nobody this guy doesn't know. If he can't think of your name or when speaking in generalities, Hey, Joe. Hey, Jimmy(?) Hey, guy. Let me explain you another somethings. All very endearing.

We made a low altitude run into Rome from the port city of Civitavecchia (cheeveetiveckia). Takes about an hour. Fortunately not much traffic on Sunday. We saw some amazing frescoes that look so 3 dimensional. In a money saving gambit, I think, instead of building another spendy dome, the artist made the look of one in the church of St Ignatious. Truly marvellous as this was several hundred years old. We saw Michaelangelo's Moses in a church called St Peter in Chains. Pretty amazing in an otherwise nondescript church we would have never found. This guy can park aywhere with impunity. I don't know how he does it, but it might be a vatican pass on the dashboard.

We did a driveby on the Coliseum, what, 2000 years old? The Circus Maximus (ok, it is missing alot from the set of Ben Hur) and the Forum. We saw an old Roman temple, the Pantheon, well over 2000 years old...built by, Stephanie, thought about you many times...Marcus Agrippa and rebuilt by Hadrian 100 years later ...that was repurposed as a church. This was really cool as the roof was a dome that couldn't be built fully closed or it would have collapsed given the technology of the day. So there was a sizeable purpose-made opening in the roof which can let some rain in at times. Solution? About 22 drain ducts in the floor. I just thought it rather ingenious for the time. And don't forget the aqueducts that brought civilized useable water back 2000 plus years which still work to this day. Those Romans knew some stuff. Does make me wonder where they learned it or did they figure it out on their own. That is alot of old stuff, it is amazing it is still there at all. Why am I thinking about it all being rebuilt? Isn't that impractical as well as expensive? Would that be kind of cool or just too fake? And expensive?

Oh yes, catacombs. Now last time, I distinctly remember seeing rooms packed full of stacks of bones. I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the ones we saw today, what, nothing but 32 km of crypts but not bone one. Uh, rip off? Quick diversion...forerunners to Romans? Etruscans. And who knows from the timeline who undid Rome? If you said Visigoths sack Rome and western Roman empire falls to barbarians, you would be correct, suh, and know who broke into all the tombs. Hence the term barbarians.

Meanwhile back on the boat, one of the waiters has made some origami for the girls, this time a rabbit somewhat resembling the water bombs the Hariss boys showed us in CC. Head waiter sees it, covers it with a napkin, tells Faye to open it, and lo and behold, he has placed pepper corns behind it, much to the grand amusement of her parents... good one, Jabba!

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