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Had the most entertaining tour guide in recent memory...Fabrizio from Roma, who was a specialforces italiano who didn't know you had to jump out of planes to get the extra 3k a month until it was too late. If he said a mama mia!!! once, he said it 26 times and the only time he really put his hands on the wheel was to honk the horn at one of his homeys on the road. Super likeable and a laugh riot. He regaled us with stories of his baptism at three days old when they priest put him in the water three times bangedda bangedda bangedda which was so cold, he still remembers it to this day. I didn't realize that shudduppayouface-uh is an optional command here...although nevermind is a little more prevalent than fuggedabouddit it, it seems.

We got to Pisa to see the leaning tower which they finally got the hang of keep it it from leaning any further to its demise. Last seen, they were not quite so sanguine about it, but that was near 50 years ago...still quite a sight.

We made it over to Florence to see, not one, not two, but three versions of David...what I didn''t remember were his big hands, big feet, and head representing the powerful and intelligent Medici family. Them's some hands!

I was really glad I didn't have to do that driving as it got so crowded with pedestrians, I finally had to just close my eyes and hope that Fabrizio could part the Red Sea unassisted and without any casualties. Florence is fascinating but needs at least a week of staying there to actually study the art before all the tourists come. And not in the summer or even this shoulder season. There is a Da Vinci museum that sounds promising. We did get to see Ghiberti's gold door(or its replacement while the original is restored) on the Florence baptistry as studied in CC. Major goal accomplished there.

Perhaps next time we will get to actually climb the Tower of Pisa now that it is stabilized with metal plates and injected concrete.

There may be a similar whirlwind tomorrow so I should probably recharge for the next assault on Italia.

PS, if I see one more selfie stick, there may be an international incident over here...

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