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Nosing in way too close

Casino royale monaco

Up closer

Monster meringue

hard to imagine a country maybe 2 square miles, and the secomd highest population density in the world. It is perched on cliff over the Med. It has a storied past:. granpa was a prince, dad was a prince. The previous princess was Grace Kelly from Hollywood. The prince is a prince and is married to a princess who just gave biirth to twins....where was I for that?!

population says 30,000, looks like a lot more. packed in so tight, it makes Singapore look nearly rural. There must be some advantages to living there, or else why would so many rich people want to live so close together. The Casino Royale is a focal point. The ship came in so close to the mega yachts there, I am pretty sure I would not have liked it had I owned one, but clearly, that is not an issue.

F1 racing is a big deal. This is where the Grand Prix is run and now I can see it would take about 9 minutes to drive the whole route as the city bus did it in maybe 20 with traffic minus the track. This town is so small, not sure why there is a city bus, let alone seats in it.

We went by the palace and fun enough, the prince came bombing back in in his brief motorcade all waves and perhaps even smiles, we didn't get that close a look.

Took the local bus about 20 miles to Nice, said Neece. Pretty gorgeous bays, cliffs and Med views all the way for a whopping $1.50. Bargain. It is easy to see why people are so enamored with the French Riviera. Eze (don't ask me to pronounce), Villy France and Nice are less rarified and more appoachable perhaps since real estate is not quite the prmium it is back in Monaco.

Gastronomie alert: Baguettes in Nice were not as nice as St Tropez. However, I did find Stasia an exemplary buttery flaky crispy proper croissant (cannot blame her for loving them) and found this decadent meringue which was 3/4 the size of a shoe box! Embarassing! But hey, give me that! This baby was hard and toasted brown on the outside and fluffy perfectly whipped egg whites inside. No one who eats this thing has the right to expect their teeth not to hurt. That's just silly. But like I know I shouldn't I just cannot help myself, it is that good. Sigh. Can you just send a treadmill to our stateroom? No? you mean I have to actually go up to the gym?! Sigh.

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