Shirley's Trip to Singapore - April 2015 travel blog

The KL Monorail only has one route but it's very handy to...

The Istana Negara or National Palace although nobody lives here any more

The gateway to the National Palace

One of the National Palace guards

Our Hop-on Hop-off bus with an air-con section on top which was...

The Royal Selangor Club which was an exclusive social club in the...

The National Cultural Centre

The Petronas Towers


An interesting fountain in Little India

Oh, the joys of finding your way around a new city. I wanted to do the Hop-on Hop-off bus & decided the best place to catch up with it was the main railway station at KL Sentral. To get there, I needed to find the Monorail station then figure out how to buy a ticket.

With a lot of help from Google Maps I found the Monorail although I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to cross some of the busy roads. There doesn’t seem to be any crossing points & the hundreds of motorcycles weave in & out of the traffic, ignore the lights & sometimes even go in the wrong direction. I waited until someone else was crossing, then tagged along.

Then I had to work out how to use the ticket machine to get a token for the train. You put the token on a reader when you catch the train then drop it in a slot when you’ve finished the trip. All very complicated but easy when you figure it out.

I found the bus I wanted then did the full circuit which took a bit over 3 hours. There was a 5 minute stop at the National Palace which was just enough time to take some photos but the buses were 30 minutes apart so I didn’t get off anywhere else. My ticket is good until 1:30 tomorrow so I’ll use it again tomorrow & hopefully get an earlier start before the traffic builds up.

It’s an interesting city but I found it exhausting. Too many people, too much traffic, none of the streets meet at right angles so very difficult to get your bearings.

It was after 2:00 when I got back to KL Sentral where I knew there were plenty of lunch places. I tried some local food, have no idea what it was but I asked for something not too spicy. Either he didn’t understand me or his idea of spicy & mine are very different so maybe I’ll stick to things I know in the future.

I found a really good shopping centre but when I was ready to leave, it was pouring with rain so I had to go back & shop some more. Fortunately, the rain never seems to last very long.

Now it’s time to relax & for once, I’m looking forward to watching TV. I was pressing buttons on the TV last night & found something called English Series. I explored further & found Episodes 1 – 4 of Game of Thrones Series 5. This is on PayTV at home but not available on DVD yet so it’s an unexpected treat because I just finished watching Series 4 on DVD before I left home.

I still haven’t worked out how to actually watch TV, but who cares?

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