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Pleasantly surprised by Saint-Tropez. Expecting the French version of Key West loaded with t-shirt stores, and/or over priced high end trendy chichi and the like, I give the French credit for not ruining one of their stand-by great names. No crowded beaches, well, there was only one small one and it was pretty cool out, so am not sure where to tell you to go for the Saint Tropez tan, nor did I even see any Ban d'soleil.

What we did see was some very attractive, curvy narrow streets with clean alleys, cobblestones and classic old world provence type homes, tightly woven together. A thriving seafront packed with ludicrous sized yachts. What is this, Monte Carlo?! No, that's tomorrow. Here, Bridget Bardot is the patron saint and still signs autographs, I understand. Even with the cruise ship in, most all visitors were in fact French, it seems. This is good to see and hear, although my French is virtually non-existant. Tres mal!

We thoroughly enjoyed choosing from a vast array of fromages and saussicon. This, in addition to the most delectable baguette with the quintessential crunchy crust and chewy interior, is food of the gods...no, God... and much like manna, the bread must be eaten today for tomorrow she spoils. The other treat we happened to select was later found to be a Tropezianne. This divine, airy custard creme sandwich of two, say, sturdy angel food like layers with a bit firmer sugar crustedness atop is the town's namesake for good reason. These come in moon pie size...and dinner plate size. We opted for the former. Would that I could live so long as to revel in just one more!:)

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