Shirley's Trip to Singapore - April 2015 travel blog

My route today

Definitely Third World

One of the towns we passed through

The view from my balcony

From the balcony looking the other way

A complicated day with a very early start so this will be brief. I left the apartment in the dark at 6:00am but there were plenty of people around & I walked along the main road to the bus which came right on time & I had no trouble finding the taxi terminal.

The Malaysian driver I spoke to the other day was waiting for me & it was a short ½ hour drive to the northern causeway between Singapore & Malaysia. The traffic going south into Singapore was backed up all the way across the causeway & there were also hordes of people walking across which would have been much quicker than driving. Obviously Malaysians working in Singapore.

The whole border crossing was very reminiscent of the San Diego / Tijuana crossing although there was no traffic at all going in our direction, which was great. In fact the difference between the 2 sides of the border is about the same as USA & Mexico.

I’m really glad I did this 7 hour train journey because it showed me how deeply Third World Malaysia is. Just flying into KL gives a very false impression of Malaysia’s prosperity.

I’ve settled into my very comfortable apartment on the 20th floor with a good view over the city from my balcony although I can only catch a glimpse of the Petronas Towers behind the other buildings.

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