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From Shanghai we sailed at, but were held up for several hours due to thick fog. Once it lifted we sailed north out of the South China Sea into the Yellow sea heading for the port city of Tanggu that is the gateway to Beijing. It is 160 km to Beijing from the port and would take up to three hours to get there. As we have spent some time in Beijing we decided to make our way by train to the city of Tianjin.

There was a 25 minute shuttle from the ship to the railway station then a 45 minute journey on the above ground subway into Tianjin. What at first seemed to be a high rise nightmare turned, within a short taxi ride, into a lovely city of wide canals, markets, and graceful buildings in the old colonial style. The “Cultural Street” turned out to have the traditional style buildings, but with cheap goods in the stores. There were many “bargains” to be had. The most spectacular sight was a large Ferris Wheel, like the London Eye, that was built on a bridge. Tianjin is the third largest city in China.

Our journey back was a little more fraught as the immense station had trains, subway and buses with little or no English signs or anyone speaking English it was a process of elimination to find our platform. We arrived back too late to get the shuttle so it was a $20 cab fare back to the ship. This was the most expensive part of the day as the subway was about $1.50 and the taxi ride in town was $2.

We overnight here so will be shore tomorrow to explore locally.

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