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Mind you, this is but one side of a four sided church

I like many different kinds of architecture, but I have to say, my limits were stretched marveling at the productions of Gaudi, his many houses and his mind boggling cathedral Sagrada Familia, more a sand castle than a church. If Victorians thought that more style elements is more, then modernists must think more stuff is more. Two spires not enough, how about 12? Neo Gothic style not enough, how about modernist and post modernist? How about the fruits of the spirit on top of 8 or so lessor spires, depicted as oranges, pomegranates, grapes, etc? How about three different facades taking up a city block? Spruce Tree of life? Mash it on up there!! When Gaudi went to school, he threw out any reference book and rewrote the book on design. Form was barely a factor for him. Melty, wavy roof lines Dali would have adored. Instead of normal edges and angular lines, he is rounding edges and blurring them. All I could think of was two words: Dr Suess. Call me archaic, but this is not my bag. But I do have to say, it is original. And if we travel to see things one cannot see anywhere else, we have come to the right place.

He took it all seriously, he lived on site for ten years until he was hit by a trolley outside his life's work. He poured his life and his personal funds into it and essentially died for it at age 72. His legacy lives on throughout the city where his fantastic houses and park designs evoke Hansel and Gretel and undersea scenes. If Gaudi represents the spirit of the Spanish people, then to say they march to the beat of another drummer would be a gross understatement.

Who else makes a dotty appearance as a focal point at a port traffic circle, but our very own Lichtenstein! Dad called that one. Who knew, two times in the same trip after not recognizing him before this year in cc. What does it mean?!

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