Shirley's Trip to Singapore - April 2015 travel blog

This has been a very long day starting with a flight which left Melbourne at 5 minutes past midnight (way past my bedtime).

The plane was full, even the Business Class, which meant I had a young girl next to me who was on her way back to London. Not a problem, just less space to spread out & a bit awkward getting out from my window seat, which I only needed to do once.

They gave us some more Champagne, then dinner which I really didn't need at 1:00am. I tried to watch "The Grand Budapest Hotel" which I'd missed at the cinema but found the sound difficult to follow & couldn't work out how to turn the subtitles on so went to sleep.

We were then woken at 6:00am, our time (4:00am local time), for breakfast. I couldn't face it so just had some juice & by the time that was all over, we were landing in Kuala Lumpur. The flight was 8 hours & 15 minutes & I happened to look out the window as we were passing over Singapore which was a fairyland of lights.

I had just under 2 hours to connect with the flight to Singapore which is also classed as an International flight although I did have to catch the internal shuttle train to a different terminal. It all went smoothly though & I managed not to get lost.

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