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How Brisbane recycles older buildings for newer uses - here on the...

Steel ball sculptures in Brisbane Square - there were lots more but...

Cirque Du Soleil turtle advertisement

Brisbaners relaxing in South Bank Park on a sunny Sunday

People enjoying open air markets in South Bank Park

Metal bird sculptures along the river walk/bike path

Another interesting outdoor sculpture along the bike path

Naval cadets rapelling down Kangaroo Cliffs

Cadets breathing a sigh of relief on reaching the bottom of the...

People rock climbing on Kangaroo Cliffs

Story Bridge - alas I could not climb it because I had...

Not a bad view from these condos

Well FOBTs,

It is really early in the morning here on Sunday, 12 April. I arose at 0245 to call my British Columbia friend, Barb, and to my almost astonishment she did not immediately recognize the melodious tone of my voice!

Weather permitting today, I plan to examine walking the superstructure of a bridge, called the Story Bridge, here in Brisbane. I figure if I can do that, then this would make doing the longer, and probably higher, Harbor Bridge in Sydney doable. I'm also going to check out the whole thing about rappelling down Kangaroo cliffs along the Brisbane River. I'm really not sure about the latter since I've never done that before. Anyway, I'll see how things go. One thing I do promise, is no more churches here in Brisbane.

Thanks for reading. More later today.

Before I begin my tale about today's adventure, I realized that throughout most of this travel journal I have said little about food. Now I like food, wine, liquor, etc. In both New Zealand and Australia I have been lucky enough to enjoy some excellent wines, primarily whites in New Zealand and more reds in Australia, although I did have an excellent Chardonnay one evening. I've had delicious seafood, a little beef, wallaby, lamb, etc. So, if you journey to this part of the world, you'll not starve unless you want that option. Just be prepared for a bit of "sticker shock" at the prices of food. What reminded me of this subject was breakfast this morning. Since I detest eggs, my breakfast choices consisted of chicken sausages (really good), some fruit, a broiled tomato, and pork and beans (although probably without the pork but with red onion and sundried tomato). The latter dish is a staple of NZ and Australian breakfasts in almost every place I have been. I have to say that I like the dish because it has protein without a lot of fat. I'll stop there.

With today being such a sunny day and warm but not hot, I decided to do a good walkabout. The central part of Brisbane is in the shape of a U, with the Botanical Gardens being at the bottom of the U. I decided to be ambitious in my walking, and walked completely across the city mid-section, across the Brisbane River, and then completely along the river walk/bike path that traces the whole U shape of the city. All total I did probably over 5 miles.

Somewhat to my surprise, I found out that Brisbane likes outdoor sculptures. In the pictures I uploaded you'll see a number of different kinds of sculpture, from the metal balls in Brisbane Square, to metal birds on a piling along the river, and other interesting pieces. In addition, you'll see two pictures of Brisbaners (or Brisbanians whichever is correct) relaxing in South Bank Park and in open air markets just outside the park. I showed you a few pictures of the Queen Street Mall that is reserved for only pedestrian use in one of the prior Brisbane updates. Today, I noticed that some obviously older buildings were recycled for use in newer lives. You'll see one such building that now has two retail stores at the ground level.

Overall, I like Brisbane. Although smaller than Melbourne, probably only has a population of 2.3 million versus Melbourne's 4.3 million, the city has its own sense of character with using the river as a central living point and building parks and attractions around this natural element. Unfortunately, the river has very muddy looking water due to runoffs and swiftly moving current keeping dirt particles suspended in stead of having them settle to the bottom. Consequently, I saw very few people actually using the river for recreational purposes. As a result, and sort of like Cairns, the city has developed all sorts of outdoor recreational options near the river and has lots of venues for music and performances.

Today must have been redhead day. I saw one guy with red hair and probably about 10 women/girls with varying shades of red hair. I kept looking for a sign that might have said, "Today is Brisbane Red Hair Day," but saw nothing of the ilk.

So that's the end of my Brisbane adventure. Early tomorrow morning I leave for Sydney where I will start my Sydney adventure. I am looking forward to sharing that adventure with all of you. Thanks for reading.

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