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There are no pictures of this phenomenon and heretofore did not know this event even occurs ....but somehow we had a brilliant full moon setting in the west behind us and rain ahead of us and the moonlight refracting made an arc in the night sky in the shape of a rainbow.... So what color do you think would it be? If you hypothesized white, you would be correct. So there was this fairly brilliant white parabola in the otherwise night sky...and we are just thinking...what is THAT? Pretty cool.

This day, we got to see Jan and the boys and had some quality beach time. The kids invented a game that resembled beach bowling with tombstones. Poor deprived kids. We attempted some boogie boarding but it remained pretty elusive under the conditions. Saw a few Portuguese men of war threatening just as we were getting out.

So good to catch up and compare notes on CC as Jan and the boys are my shining example of the wonders of CC. Great inspiration! Thanks so much for making the trip, Jan!

We finished up the day with an enjoyable time at dinner with Sak's mom, so good to see her again and spend some time together! She loves living in Florida, it is obvious! Am glad about that. Well AB loves it, too. I don' t blame them one bit!:)

So we made our way back to south Florida, I still like it a lot down there but it is getting a good bit crowded. The beach had lots of company. Enjoyed another visit with Sak's sister and brother in law which is yet another bonus of the area. Plus the water is warmer. Apparently the Portuguese men of war also thought the same thing and arrived in greater numbers than I have seen since I was stung as a kid. Fascinating creatures which sent us on our way from our pink Art Deco mom and pop motel with super service.

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