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Not only is Verne having a hard time remembering our room number, he can't remember what floor we are on!

So disappointed at breakfast. There are mangos every where and all kinds of fresh fruit but there was none at breakfast!

We went to pick out our bicycles. Verne wanted a mountain bike with about 50 gears on it! But we convince him to get the single speed with the saddle seat. We all hopped on our Giant pink bikes with the yellow basket and I immediately felt Chinese! We made it out of the city dodging cars and scooters and head into the country.

We rode to the river for our bamboo raft ride. They are made of 10 bamboo poles with 2 seats attached that is propelled by a person pushing a long pole on the bottom. Reminded me of the dune buggy ferry we took in Natal, Brazil. We went to a small waterrgall area where we went up a short conveyor to the top and then get pushed over the drop and they take photos!

When we returned to our bikes some lady has put her purse in Verne's basket. She apologized but the suddenly ran over by me and started posing for photos! Lee said it was my hair! I need to start doing my hair and makeup if my photos are going to be all over Asia!

After the raft we for back on our bikes and traveled through the countryside and villages. The roads were paved and mostly straight. A few small inclines. We headed to Moon Hill. This is a natural round cave at the peak which resembles the moon. Lee said that there was a man wearing a special suit the flew through it, I believe I have seen the video of it on youtube. We were tired and chose not to climb up to the cave. We headed back to town, again dodging cars, buses, trucks and scooters!

A tiring but interesting day!

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