2015 Westward Ho travel blog

Vegas from the mountains

Welcome to Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay Casino

The strip from the crossover bridge

Parris Casino Eiffel Tower

Street Entertainers

Bellagio Casino

Another shot of Eiffel Tower

My lovely bride

Ray, Carol, Candy in front of Goat Mountain

Check in lobby Bellagio with horse

Gondola in fourth floor

We drove to the famous Las Vegas strip to visit some of the casinos. Our first stop was the Paris Casino which has the Eiffel Tower as the focal point, you can see if for blocks. The entire complex is huge with the gambling floor, a mall with very expensive shops, and the hotel. It was kind of fun going around seeing the different stuff and people gambling there money away. Next we crossed over to the Bellagio Casino. There are walk bridges over Las Vegas Blvd for the people to get back and forth. If they didn’t have these people would be getting run down in the streets. As you cross over you get a better view of the strip from center of the walk which would be center of the street. The Bellagio has a Chinese theme because of the Chinese New Year. The Conservatory is set up with a Goat Mountain and different little gardens, it was very pretty. The goats on the mountain we animated so they were moving around which gave it a different effect. The one observation I did make was all the little stores in these casinos were very expensive and the only people in the store was the sales people. We did have lunch in the Bellagio, the days of inexpensive food is a thing of the past. After lunch we strolled out to the street to watch all the different people wandering up and down Las Vegas Blvd. We decided that we would visit the Venetian Casino because Ray told us that on the 4th floor they have canals with gondolas taking people thru the canals. The gondolier singing as they passed around the canal. Hope the ceiling on the 3rd floor doesn’t spring a leak. All three casinos were very elegant to walk thru, but they should be for what the people pay to stay in them. That was enough walking for the three walkers, I didn’t have any issues, so we returned to the motorhomes for rest and plan our next day.

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