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The weather was dry but cold as we headed to the small village of Framlingham, Suffolk to visit the magnificent example of a late 12th century castle, Framlingham Castle.

The castle was built by Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk and one of the most influential people at the court of the Plantagenet kings. The castle was designed as a stronghold and a proclamation of power and status. The impressive feature of the castle is its curtain wall with regular mural towers. The castle has a chequered history: Mary Tudor mustered her supporters in 1553 before being crowned Queen; at the end of the 16th centuries it was used to imprison enemies of the monarch; and much later had a Poorhouse built within its walls.

We were able to walk the impressive curtain wall with great views over the surrounding countryside as well as the moat and the poorhouse. An interesting castle.

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