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It is another moving day. We will be relocating to the Phoenix International Speedway this morning for the Good Sam Rally. We will be there until next Monday and not sure how the Wi-Fi will work so it may be a week before any updates, we will see.

Kind of chilly this morning, it is only 50 degrees but we didn’t get any snow like northern Arizona got last night. It is still going to get up to around 70 today which is fine by me.

We did arrive at the Phoenix International Speedway to get located in our assigned parking spot. The spots are in the parking lots but they did have huge generators set up so everyone that signed up for power got it. It was only 30 amp but didn’t need any air conditioner because the weather was just beautiful. The rally will not open until Wednesday at noon so it was a lay around day and meet the folks around us. Most of the people were from the western states, very few people from the east. The rallies are held on opposite coast each year, that way everyone can attend a rally near them every other year if they don’t want to drive the distance. As you see by the pictures the motorhomes are filling in. The empty sites you see will all be full by Thursday with motorhomes of all sizes and brands.

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