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I've cut my head off

A building named SOMERSET in Singapore

Sunrise from the plane

Bristol today

We're home.

We saw a taxi let out passengers outside the hotel so Guy 'collared' him and he took us to the airport. Really funny when we got there though. We got out of the taxi, went round the back to get our luggage from the boot and the driver said really worried "aren't you going to pay me then". Obviously we were, laughed and said of course, how much? It was 30$ which was 5$ more than it should've been but he then didn't get his tip!

Luggage was underweight - phew! We're still not sure how some people get away with taking 'hand luggage' which is as large and as heavy it seems to me, as our hold luggage. We're not taking suitcases again. We're only taking hand luggage and a fold up hold-all in case we buy anything.

Watched 2 movies on the plane, had a nap or two. Guy slept for a long time but he wasn't too well so needs to. Turbulence was terrible. Food was ok, wine was nice. Guy didn't drink his meal bottle so whilst he was asleep, I drank it for him......shhhhhh!

We had 90 Mins wait in Amsterdam. That was ok, hot Choc and then went to the gate early. Uneventful flight. Snow as we approached Bristol...brrrr. We had no coat, jumpers or proper shoes. Our thin jackets were at the top of the case so easily found.

Looking back......

People in all the places in Asia have this disgusting habit of spitting! It's absolutely sickening. Don't they realise it's a TB spreader? Revolting.


Should have gone the Chaing Mai even though it's so very touristy. Everyone said we should have and were surprised that we hadn't.

Erawan Falls - it's a waterfall and although lovely, shouldn't have bothered. It's a waterfall; we've been to waterfalls before and been underwhelmed .

We found that GPS isn't effective in Thailand due to the (we think) the translation of Thai to English. Some of the place names are one word but on the signposts they're 2 or even 3 and they could be spelt differently. Even different spellings on different signposts. Also, there's the same place in different areas in Thailand. Confusing.

We had some issues with the language. Thai's don't seem to understand much English. They say they do but they only know yes and no. We found that the East Coast of Thailand was in their off season as it was very windy. Although no rain and the hotels were, on the whole, nearly empty.

Our favourite place in Thailand was Khao Lak. Loved it especially where we stayed. Could have been better if it was nearer the beach but the accommodation was perfect as was the owner and her staff and the breakfast....that was something else. We also loved staying at Tang House in Trang. They were so nice. We enjoyed going on the ferry to Langkawi but should have gone to Kho Lipe before Langkawi.

Yes, we'd go back here even with the negatives. Just liked the weather and people.


Langkawi is lovely, very laid back and cheap (booze). We didn't do much, we'd planned to but didn't. Did go to Eagle square where one of the funniest things happend to me. Don't think I put it down on paper (epaper) at the time. I was taking pics of the eagle and other things around the square when a young Muslim couple came over and asked me to have a picture with her. Now if I describe the scene - I have on a strappy top and white shorts and flip flops, she had the whole Burka thing going on. Beautiful eyes though. She put her arm around me and he took the pic. It was strange. Why did they want me to have a picture with her? Was it so that when they go back to (I'm assuming) Saudi, they can show western indecent dress? I don't know, it was just a bit surreal.

The other thing we loved was seeing the monkeys and the monitor lizards in Penang. Also, the Jetties in Penang - so interesting.

We hated Lumut, it's scruffy and dirty with nothing there. We shouldn't have stayed so long. We should have stayed on Pangkor Laut, we didn't because we had the car and would have had to leave it on the mainland.

Think we've done Malaysia so unless there's a really cheap flight, probably not going back.


Was nothing like we'd imagined. It's so built up and commercialised. The traffic is horrendous.

Ubud - really commercial; everyone's just out to fleece you. We did find a lovely restaurant just a few steps from our hotel which incidentally, was a lovely hotel - lovely room, pool etc.

Sanur - although the hotel was great, location wasn't good. The strange thing we saw there was a baptism going on in the sea at the beach. The sea is clear and beautiful with lovely white sand. There are snakes in the water though which is scary.

We bought a few bits and bobs here but hated the barter stuff. We found a couple of fixed price shops and bought there. Also bought some bits in Hardy's, the departmental 'store'.

Didn't go to Tanah Lot. We wanted to but after looking at ways to get there decided not to bother. It's another temple, very much like St Michaels Mount in as much as it sits in the sea connected by a short causeway.

Will we be going back there? Don't know. It's 35$ to enter and 2200rupaih to get out. Not sure it was worth it really. Very little public transport. There are taxis and people who want to take you on 'tours' but as you all know by now, we like to do our own thing. Don't want to be taken to thier friend next door but ones mothers sisters shop to buy an ashtray on the way to another beautiful temple.


What a contrast of architecture! It's mad! From old shops and houses next door to modern glass and metal sky rise buildings. Mad, mad mad! Expensive most of the time but you don't have to spend too much. There's lots of stuff to do and see for next to nothing. The MRT is really easy to use and cheap and the places aren't too far from each other. We walked lots. The shops are mostly high end designer though. So super clean though, no litter and lots of Veolia people working hard to ensure the streets are clean (yes, the same company who deals with our rubbish here) especially as there's so many people; not just tourists, but people who live there.

We've met so many lovely people who have made our trip so lovely. On the whole people have been very helpful and kind. We've listened to other holiday makers (whether they're travelling or just on a short hol) who've old us about things that we didn't know about before we got there - thanks Norman and Harvey on Coral Beach, Pangkor for the rice field tip.

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