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Hindu temple

Street decorations

Hot choc

Tiger Tooth Temple


Laundry drying

Gardens on a high rise

Me at Clarke Quay

Us there too

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay

A building named Somerset

21st February

Ok, Guy really wasn't well so our plans really went out of the window. We had breakfast in the little bakery a few doors from the hotel; it opened today after CNY. Bought a tuna roll for lunch too. Caught the MRT to the Dhoby Ghaut station and walked the length of Orchard Road to the botanical gardens. We'd planned to go there too but quite honestly, it was too much.

As we came out of the MRT we were walking along when we cam to double gates which had not only armed security guards but a guard in uniform (Buckingham Palace type). Being nosey, I asked one of the armed security guards what they were guarding. Apparently, it's the presidential palace. It's not on the map as that. It's a secret!

Orchard Road - what can I say? It's one shopping mall after another both sides of the dual carriageway (which was busy for Singapore), all high end designer shops. I'd like to know where the recession is? People were buying stuff in Gucci, Versace etc. We wandered around, bought a couple of things but didn't spend much. Had our sarnie sitting on a bench along Orchard Road. We bought a cooked chicken leg, duck breast and a couple of rolls for our dinner/tea.

Caught another MRT to Marina Bay and had our picnic there sitting on a couple of rocks overlooking the bay. The bay incidentally was packed with huge ships; containers, fishing boats, ferries etc. It was pretty peaceful except for a group of Indian men who take pictures of each other. Very funny to watch them sharing sunglasses, swapping shirts and taking turns posing for pictures. Where are their women? Wives, girlfriends or do Indian men just go out and about and holiday with their male friends? Perhaps it's a culture thing. I don't know. Should've asked.

Get back to 'our street' pretty early and go to our bakery for hot choc and I had a lemon meringue tart...yummy! Can't share because 'it'd upset Guys tummy' :)

Early night.

22nd February

Got up late, lousy night so only got to sleep at 5:00am. Packed, took our stuff down to reception to leave it there for the day and went for breakfast. Same danish again and coffee and tuna roll on tomato bread (yum!) again.

We'd decided to go to the tiger tooth Buddha temple this morning, then to the flea market (no, don't want any fleas but you ever know if you're gonna find a treasure do you). From there we wandered to Clarke Quay. More shopping Mall but there's some lovely architecture on the way and around the quay too. We had an ice cream. I had a mango and Guy had a choc chip. Both wafers, Guy couldn't eat all of his.... :) From there we wandered along the Singapore River to the Fullerton Hotel and beyond. It's a lovely area but really expensive I guess. We went to the Asians Civilisations Museum too. It's free! Bonus! Caught the MRT back to Chinatown and as we were so early, stopped for a beer (or 2) and met Grainne. She's here for a new job, how fantastic to work in such fabulous weather. Just a problem with that I expect.....the work bit! Good luck by the way. Keep in touch.

Waiting for the taxi now so I'll conclude when we get home.

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