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Gunfighter and The Lady

Tombstone Trolley

Oldest Newpaper

Tombstone Epitaph

Morgan Earp Shooting

Helldorado Eatery

Cute Poster


We strolled down Main Street today and had our picture taken which is kind of different. After the picture taking we boarded the Tombstone Trolley for a guide tour around the area. Did hear some more interesting facts about Tombstone and visited Boot Hill, I think we will be driving back to get a better look. We did visit the Tombstone Epitaph which is one of the oldest continuously published newspaper in our country. Picked up a reproduce paper that was published the day after the OK Corral gunfight which explained what did happen in the publisher’s eyes. Visited Helldorado, which is what Tombstone was called sometimes, to watch another gun fight. Not as good at the OK Corral but different. We did find some interesting posters along the way plus a marker where Morgan Earp was shot as he played pool.

It was kind of chilly here today, only 60 degrees, but there was not a cloud in the sky.

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