2014 Hershey Pennsylvania travel blog

Today was another great day of watching the sun rise up over the trees from the east as the birds were chirping loudly thru out the campground. As everyone still gets rested for our day with Thomas the Train, I am out riding around the campground looking at all the campers that folks use to get away with. It is amazing how many different styles, types and brands there are that are still on the road.

Time for us to travel over to Thomas the Train so the kids can have a fun time. We got there early because we had the early time which after being there that was the correct call. The place filled up with people around noon and it was very crowded. The kids got to ride on a push cart, pedal cars, and a small locomotive train. On the push cart it appears Katie is doing all the work and Chip is coasting. Everyone also got a tattoo, except me, which the kids always enjoy that. Finally they got to ride the Thomas the Train with they were thrilled to do that. As we were riding the train we passed the Caboose Hotel. All the rooms are old cabooses from years past, maybe someday we will stay there. Everyone had enough of that so we went to the Hershey Farm Restaurant for lunch, which has 5 buses of people so it was crowded also. Next it was onto the Pretzel making factory, which turned out to be a bust, no pretzel making. Back to the motorhome we went. Chip and Katie decided to take the kids to the public pool close to the campground, got there and the place was packed with too many people so that was cancelled. Chip went and bought a small yard pool for the kids to fill up at the campground so they could get wet. The temperature around here has been in the high 80’s with high humidity since we arrived. We had a campfire so s’mores could be cooked on the open fire and that was it for the night.

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